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What`s new in The Catalogue

New Upgrade 4.08 - Desktop mode

Images of front side, back side under various lights can be displayed in various desktop modes.

For example:

  • only one side - under one light (front side or back side under - white light or UV light etc. )
  • one side - under all lights (white, UV-A or UV-C light and IR light)
  • both sides – under all lights (white, UV-A or UV-C light and IR light) ...etc.

new EURO banknote

Set-up your desktop mode according your needs to achieve much more comfortable work with the catalogue.

New Upgrade 4.08 - Printing module

Anytime you decide or you need to print specific banknote, it is possible.
Simply use the print module and it will allow you to print out information as picture images, description and details of the specific banknote as high quality material for further processing.

new EURO banknote

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