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The Catalogue of Documents (#COD)

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  • Over 1 800 illustrated passports and identity cards
  • Description and illustration: cover and bearer's details, UV, IR, watermark, security thread, signature, hologram, kinegram, OVI, sewing, perforation, embossing, stamp, printing techniques, etc.
  • Access to approximately 35 000 images
  • Training module: how to check genuineness, principle, animations, schemes

The Catalogue can assist to determine whether a document being presented is genuine or false, by taking quick action to increase customer satisfaction and prevent the damages of document fraud.


  • Simple country selection and clear document illustrations by simple click the button
  • Clear localization of important information like is date of expiry, holder's signature, extension of validity period, information about children
  • Illustrations of passport's cover, important pages and its security features descriptions
  • UV and IR image (etalon) of passports/ID cards to comparison with "live"
  • Possibility to display scanned documents from OCR reader for comparison with the model
  • Typical counterfeits with descriptions
  • Training/E-learning module what to check on identity documents
  • Custom solutions are available upon request for clients who wish to access the database directly via their company intranet
  • Monthly update


  • Authenticity and validity of documents
  • Overt and semi-covert protection
  • Sufficient information; colored details of security features and way of its detection, location and indication
  • Permanent training
  • Safeguard your institution from financial harm;

The Catalogue is dedicated to:

Border Control Departments

Commercial Banks

Security Experts


Data versions:

  • Basic version - passports, ID-cards, driving license from 155 countries
  • Tailor-made version - special version of the database which can be created according to customers` needs