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CIEPE China Police Expo 2014
20-23 May 2014
Beijing, China

On the 20-23 May 2014 the CIEPE China Police Expo will take place in Beijing, China. China Police Expo, a unique biennial exhibition on police technology and equipment in China. This authoritative and professional exhibition aims to establish Beijing as the largest and most reliable business platform for equipment and technology in the Asia-Pacific region - a central hub that can respond to request from all the public security departments across China.
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Executive Leadership in Currency
15-20 June 2014
Montreux, Switzerland

On the 15-20 June 2014 the Executive Leadership in Currency - Forum and Workshop will take place in Montreux, Switzerland. The Executive Leadership in Currency: Forum & Workshop is a week long, intense study and discussion of specific topics related to governance, leadership, and directing the currency organization of a Central Bank in a small group setting. Read more ...

Security Document World Conference 2014 (SDW)
16 - 18 June 2014
London, United Kingdom

SDW 2014 is the 'number one' international event for technology suppliers, security document printers, infrastructure providers and integrators in the fast-moving security document market place.
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Milipol Qatar Exhibition 2014
20 - 22 October 2014
Doha, Qatar

This new Milipol Qatar Exhibition, which will also be its 10th anniversary, will once again constitute a major event not only in terms of Qatar, but also for all the entire Middle East.The Middle East has one of the world’s most dynamic security markets, which grew 12 per cent to a value of 16 billion euros in 2012.
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The Currency Conference
10 - 13 May 2015
Vancouver, Canada

On the 10-13 May 2015 The Currency Conference - will take place in Vancouver, Canada. The Currency Conference brings together the key officials in the currency issuing and distribution departments of the Central Banks and Monetary Authorities, the printing works, and the leading industry suppliers to the industry from around the world to share experiences and to network with each other in a secure and engaging environment.
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Milipol Paris 2015
17 - 20 November 2015
Paris, France

Milipol Paris, the well-established international exhibition for Internal State security, provides the ideal place for suppliers of security products and services to meet relevant decision-makers and advisers from around the world and especially from the Middle East, the Near East and Asia.
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Coming soon - new detector C 230 UVC

New detection devices in our offer APIS Ltd. launches new detector with a renewed UV C light. This new security feature is usually combine with UV A protection. Detector C 230 UVC can recognize latest bifluorescent protection applied on many newest banknotes. Moreover, this device have all regular functions like white slant light, direct white light, white transmitted light, anti-stokes light and many more. Detector is very handy, mobile, small size, easy to use, suitable for detection the authenticity of banknotes, passports, ID cards and other document containing security features. For more information please see our web page or contact us at 
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New functions in our Catalogue of Currencies

New detection devices in our offerSome of our clients require customisation of Catalogue of Currencies for their own needs. We decided to satisfy their needs and invented for them The Edit modul. This new function enables customer edit and add Custom news and Custom school. Also customer can add to certain banknotes Internal link and Custom detail. For more details contact

Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus will unite in Eurasian Economic Union

In May 2014, presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus will sign an agreement on the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union. Sections 9 and 11 the agreement, the draft of which is available on the official website of the Russian Ministry for Economic Development, are devoted to the joint monetary policy and financial markets.
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The National bank of Poland ussed new Zloty

Lebanon New 50,000-livre commemorative note
The Polish National Bank has introduced new, security-enhanced banknotes, which went into circulation at the beginning of April. The graphic design of the modernised banknotes has not changed, yet the new security features will distinguish them from the old-issue ones. “The most significant changes the public will see on the modernised banknotes is the watermark on an unprinted field, iridescent ink and an enhanced recto-verso security feature.” writes NBP in its press release.
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New Thai 500-baht banknote launched

Lebanon New 50,000-livre commemorative note
The Central Bank has issued a new, modernised 500-baht banknote with new safeguards to make forgery more difficult.  New banknotes will be in circulation from Monday 12th May 2014, according to Bank of Thailand deputy governor, Thong-urai Limpiti.
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Cambodia release 50,000 riel to celebrate kings birthday

Lebanon New 50,000-livre commemorative note
The National Bank of Cambodia on Tuesday officially issued a new 50,000-riel banknote in order to mark King Norodom Sihamoni's 61st birthday, which falls on May 14. It features a portrait of the King Norodom Sihanouk on the front and a picture of the Koh Ker ruins and a baby elephant on the back.
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Banque du Liban Launches its new Polymer 50,000 LBP

Lebanon New 50,000-livre commemorative note The new Commemorative polymer banknote is issued to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Banque du Liban. The Banque is proud to be the first issuing authority in the region to use colour changing ink in the clear window of the banknote.

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Reserve Bank of India to introduce 10 rupee polymer notes on trial

Lebanon New 50,000-livre commemorative note
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will introduce plastic/polymer currency note of Rs 10 on a field trial basis in five cities in India - Simla, Kochi, Jaipur, Bhubhaneshwar and Mysore. The RBI reasoned that plastic banknotes are cost-effective because they last longer; they create minimal dust and no fibres during printing and handling. They can contain certain security features that are difficult and expensive to counterfeit.Depending on the success of the move and how these notes work, the RBI will then decide on the next denomination of such notes that have to be brought out.
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Australia announces automated passport control trial

Officials in Australia have launched a trial aimed at identifying the most effective and streamlined way of allowing automated passport control for certain travellers.

Somalia launches ePassport and national ID

The Federal Republic of Somalia launched two new citizen ID programs: a new national ID card and e-passport. The ID documents and supporting solutions were designed and implemented by an association of Oman’s Al Madina Group, a security printer and systems integrator; Ebtikart Smart System, a solution provider with presence in Somalia; and HID Global.

Dutch have a new passports with new price and validity

Lebanon New 50,000-livre commemorative note
As of 9 March 2014, new passports and identity cards for adults will be valid for 10 years. Documents for minors under the age of 18 will remain valid for five years, as before. The new fees for travel documents and ID cards will take effect on the same date.


Automated passport control (APC) at Vancouver airport

New updated version makes use of the latest biometric technology from Cross Match Technologies, which enables international travellers with Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) to use them. Now 28 countries can use it.

Our Catalogue of Currencies was enriched by new additions this month :

We enriched our catalogue with complete description of:

  • Barbados:
    • 100 BBD / 2013
  • Dominican Republic:
    • 200 DOP / 2013
  • Guernsey:
    • 1 GBP / 2013 Commemorative
  • Guyana:
    • 5000 GYD / 2013
  • Honduras:
    • 2 HNL / 2012
    • 50 HNL / 2012
  • Kazakhstan:
    • 1000 KZT / 2013 Commemorative
  • Lebanon:
    • 50000 LBP / 2013 Commemorative
  • Morocco:
    • 20 MAD / 2012
    • 50 MAD / 2012
  • Namibia:
    • 10 NAD / 2013
    • 20 NAD / 2013
  • Poland:
    • 10 PLN / 2012
    • 20 PLN / 2012
    • 50 PLN / 2012
    • 100 PLN / 2012
  • Russia:
    • 100 RUB / 2014 Commemorative
  • Rwanda:
    • 500 RWF / 2013
  • Samoa:
    • 50 WST / 2012 Commemorative

We enriched our catalogue with initial description of:
  • Afghanistan:
    • 1000 AFN / SH1391 (2012) - in circulation since: 03.2014
  • Cambodia:
    • 50000 KHR / 2013 - in circulation since: 06.05.2014
  • Israel:
    • 50 ILS / 2013 Awaited
  • Thailand:
    • 500 THB / 2014 (Series 16) - in circulation since: 12.05.2014
  • Uruguay:
    • 500 UYU / 2014 E - in circulation since: 07.05.2014

... and many more text informations and dates.

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Our Catalogue of Documents was enriched by new additions this month :

We enriched our catalogue with documents of:

  • Azerbaijan:
    • AZE / 2013 Passport
    • AZE / 2013 Diplomatic passport
    • AZE / 2013 Service passport
  • Belgium:
    • BEL / 2005 Diplomatic passport
    • BEL / 2005 Travel document - convencion of 28 September 1954
    • BEL / 2013 Driver`s licence
  • Bulgaria:
    • BGN / 2007 Passport for stateless person
    • BGN / 2007 Travel document
  • Great Britain:
    • GBR / 2010 Diplomatic passport
    • GBR / 2008 Travel document
  • Kosovo:
    • RKS / 2013 Passport
    • RKS / 2011 Passport
  • Lithuania:
    • LTU / 2013 Driver`s licence
  • Luxembourg:
    • LUX / 2013 Driver`s licence
    • LUX / 2010 Driver`s licence
  • Poland:
    • POL / 2013 ID card
  • Singapore:
    • SGP / 2006 Official passport
  • Turkmenistan:
    • TKM / 2013 Passport

... and many more text informations and dates.

If you would like to access online version, please click on the link The Catalogue of Currencies

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