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Magnifier C2 series

Professional high-quality magnifier

Ergonomic shape and special material of magnifier surface makes your work more comfortable. Easy switching between various light types makes the quick counterfeit detection possible.

Basic functions:

Additional functions:

  • Detail view
  • White direct light
  • White transmitted light
  • White sidelight
  • UV-A light (365 nm)
  • Coaxial light 3M
  • Anti-Stokes (980 nm)

Types of detectors: C2U2 C2W C2-3M C2-Z C2-ZC
Magnification: 10x 10x 10x 15x 15x
White direct light: X X X X X
White sidelight: X X X X X
White transmitted light: X X X X X
UV A - 365 nm: X X X X X
UV C - 254 nm: X
Anti-Stokes (980 nm): X X X X
Coaxial light 3M: X

Technical specification:

  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 45 mm
    • Depth: 55 mm
    • Width: 75 mm
  • Weight: 50g
  • Power supply: 23AE/A23 12V
  • Build in rechargeable battery (optional)
textile belt bag
textile belt bag
 C2 in use
C2 in use
battery cover
battery cover

C2 magnifier with additional functions is professional ID documents detectors for high level authentication of passports, ID cards and other identification documents.

Authentication of banknotes, passports etc. by using C2 magnifiers:

Checking mode using white reflected light

Printing techniques and its flaws, presence of micro-lettering patterns and its flaws on banknotes, ID documents etc.

Checking mode using side incident light

Possible erasures, printing techniques, presence of MVC security features, presence of security features with latent effects

Checking mode using UV A light

Absence of background luminescence of note paper, luminescence of different parts of notes (marks, fibers, pattern fragments) due to the presence of special luminescent inks

Direct and side light - intaglio printing
Direct and side light - intaglio printing
Magnifier C2
Magnifier C2
Safety fibers in UV rays
Safety fibers in UV rays
Direct view against light
Direct view against light
Direct and side light - iridescent coating
Direct and side light - iridescent coating
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