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Why to choose our Catalogue?

Authentical tool to verify genuineness of banknotes and coins of all the currencies of the world, which will PROTECT your organization from financial fraud.

The most comprehensive expert database in the world

Regulary updates

Features ranking only in APIScatalogues

Step by step authentication by Wizard tool

Intuitive handling - click and use system

Permanent self-training

Simple model for quick authentication

Expert model with extensive searching function

What to find in our Catalogue?

  • Contains images and descriptions of Legal Tender, Recall status,Outmoded banknotes, coins, traveler`s cheques and typical counterfeits
  • Banknotes are displayed in UV-A, UV-C and IR spectrum
  • Each security feature is localized, illustrated or animated with structural description and the way of detection
  • Details of typical counterfeits are compared versus genuine details

New functionalities

Features Ranking - new standard only in APIS currency catalogue

Features Ranking is a new standard originated exclusively by APIS expert team as a result of 20 years of experience in authenticity and biometric industry. It means „value number“ created by special algorithm, which takes into account quantity and quality of all security features situated on the banknote.

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Find out what is the ranking of your favourite banknote, whether it has got to the TOP 10(regarding security) or not.

Wizard tool
The Catalogue of Currencies

Guide you along the right way of authentication of each banknote.
This tool will show you how to detect each banknote , step by step from the simplest to the most complicated ways of detection. All security features are classified according to these ways of detection.
By using this tool, you can easily localize each security feature on the specific banknote.


Dividing security features into individual categories according to:

  • Technological process
  • The way of detection
  • Trade mark owner
  • Whom security features are dedicated
Searching Functions

New possibilities for searching were added into searching functions, for example according to:

  • Categories
  • Size of the banknote
  • Security ranking etc.
Desktop mode

Images of front side and back side of banknote under various light can be displayed in various desktop modes.

Please find more information
The Catalogue of Currencies
  • Multi-platformed application ( Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and other OS which support browsers MSIE 8 and higher, Opera, Chrome, Mozilla,Safari )
  • The catalogue possess with qualifications W3C.
  • The catalogue has JAVA SCRIPT Framework attributes.
  • The catalogue uses AJAX + jQuery applications.

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