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The Security Features Guide - The World of Experts

Format Dedicated to Order now
  • Access to more than 800 details (illustrations and animations) of security features
  • Structural description would be take on more than 150 double-printed sheets of A4 format
  • Security features types (Printing techniques; Banknote materials; OVD...)
  • Detection modes
  • Banknotes and coins production
  • Counterfeiting


  • Comprehensive review of current security features
  • Quality training tool


  • Electronic information form into structural description of particular security feature accompanied by illustrations/video sequences
  • Details of "life" banknotes, counterfeits, schemes, principles, classification, protective properties, consequence of payments, ways of counterfeiting, history...
  • Particular security feature is analyzed via parts: Origin; Principle; General remarks; Protective properties; Classification; Use in genuine paper money; Imitations on counterfeits

The Security Features Guide is dedicated to experts/lectors from:

Banking industry, Bankers training

Exchange offices, Travel offices

Hotels, Casinos, etc.

Police departments

Schools and Universities for banking and finance

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