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Magnifier C2-Z

Latest model of C2 magnigier

Brand new model of magnifier C2-Z comes with 15x magnification. It is the top model from C2 series. Small body and many features make this detektor a powerful tool for your work.



  • Detail view
  • White direct light
  • White transmitted light
  • White sidelight
  • UV-A light (365 nm)
  • Anti-Stokes (980 nm)
Belt Bag

Types of detectors: C2U2 C2W C2-3M C2-Z
Magnification: 10x 10x 10x 15x
White direct light: X X X X
White sidelight: X X X X
White transmitted light: X X X X
UV A - 365 nm - 2 lamps: X X X X
Anti-Stokes (980 nm): X X X
Coaxial light 3M: X

Technical specification:

  • Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 75 mm
  • Weight: 75g
  • Diameter: 26mm
  • Number of optics: 2
  • Power supply: 23AE/A23 12 V
  • Build in rechargeable battery (optional)
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