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Micromouse C608 and C609

Auxiliary devices for detailed authentication

For closer authentication and verification of banknotes, passports and ID cards you can use auxiliary devices -micromouse C608 or C609. These can be connected with detectors C8/C12.

Micromouse offer detail view under various types of light as is: white light, white sidelight, UV light, IR light and Anti-Stokes.

If the micromouse is connected to the device with photo function, we can save inspected document picture into the detector's internal memory.

Types of detectors: C605 C608 C609
Visual field : 12.5 × 9.4mm 12.5 × 9.4mm 12.5 × 9.4mm
White direct light: X X X
White sidelight: X X X
UV A - 365 nm: X X X
IR light (850nm ): X X X
IR light (940nm ) X X X
Anti-Stokes (980 nm): X X
Blue light (470nm) X

banknotes and ID documents detector C608
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